About Us

At Pet Surgery Center of Fort Lauderdale our mission is to make high quality, advanced surgery and dentistry more accessible to pets in our community. We are a family-owned, boutique practice consisting of highly experienced staff who are committed to providing a kind, communicative and deeply caring process for our clients and their pets. 

Pet Surgery Center works alongside local vets to provide options when your family practice cannot accommodate a procedure.  We are committed to providing transparent pricing that enables more families to pursue needed surgery or dentistry, or to save the life of a furry child when a major medical catastrophe strikes. 

Although we strive to keep our prices competitive, there is absolutely no compromise on patient care. Our standards exceed those recommended by AAHA. This means that for surgery and dentistry we are in the top tier of safe places for your pet to receive care. 

We are “Here to Help” and looking forward to serving you!