We provide emergency appointments when surgery can’t wait. Some common emergency situations and our emergency prices and protocols are listed on our Pricing page.

Veterinary surgical urgent care is a critical aspect of veterinary medicine that provides immediate medical attention to cats facing sudden illnesses or injuries outside of their regular clinic hours. Much like an emergency room for humans, veterinary urgent care centers are equipped to handle unexpected situations that require prompt medical intervention. Our facility can bridge the gap between regular veterinary services and emergency rooms, ensuring that cats receive timely care during unforeseen health crises.

One of the primary purposes of veterinary urgent care is to provide rapid diagnosis and treatment for cats in distress. Common conditions that may necessitate urgent care include accidental injuries, severe gastrointestinal problems, respiratory distress, and allergic reactions. These situations often require quick intervention to alleviate pain, stabilize the cat's condition, and prevent further complications.

We want to ensure that pet owners have access to professional surgical and urgent care when they need it most, reducing the stress and anxiety associated with uncertain health emergencies.