Pet Surgery Center of Fort Lauderdale exceeds standards of care set by the American Animal Association by ensuring that pets undergoing anesthesia receive:

1. An individualized anesthetic protocol ensuring the correct choice of drug for every patient.
2. An individualized pain management protocol usually comprising of nerve blocks, narcotics and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medication.
3. Careful anesthesia monitoring including heart rate, blood oxygen saturation, EKG, blood pressure, ETCO2, respiration and temperature.
4. Intra-operative IV fluids.
5. Intra and post-operative patient warming systems.
6. A central gas scavenging system ensuring that staff and pets are not exposed to waste anesthesia gases.
7. Patients are intubated and monitored carefully throughout anesthesia and recovery by a highly experienced, dedicated staff member.
8. Dr. Steele’s practice is limited to surgery and dentistry only but she is not a Board Certified specialist. Any surgeons brought in to assist Dr. Steele are board-certified. A Boarded Specialist can be requested for your pet’s procedure, though at increased cost.

Quality of care is of utmost importance to us, and we strive to offer only the best. Because we limit our service to surgery and dentistry, we are able to streamline expenses and perform procedures with efficiency and experience.