1. Dr. Rachel is simply the Best! She's the heart, compassion and unquestionable devotion to your fur baby that you've been looking for! You'll always be in great hands with Dr. Rachel!

    Kevin and Mychael F.
  2. Dr. Steele is the most amazing veterinarian I have ever met. The service she provides is unmatched. Our dog, Zoey and family think the world of her.

    Matt O.
  3. Dr. Steele is not only compassionate, but has exceeded my expectations, from her level of excellent care, outstanding knowledge, to her reliability and follow-through. She goes above and beyond for her patients and clients and cares enough to always be available. It has been my privilege to work with and learn from Dr. Steele.

  4. Dr. Rachel Steele is a skilled veterinary surgeon who can be relied upon to successfully perform a variety of surgical procedures, she is pleasant and personable with exceptional client communication skills. I highly recommend her!

    Dr. Samuel A. Frank
  5. We’ve had lots of dogs and veterinarians over the years but Dr Rachel is the absolute best. She’s guided us through health questions, scares, check-ups, and all the rest of it. She’s thorough, patient, and unfailingly kind. Dr. R. explained clearly why our pup Hobie didn’t need a procedure and saved us unnecessary surgery, worry, and thousands of dollars. Hobie used to be afraid of going to the vet, but now that we go to Dr. R he dances in love circles every time she enters the room. We feel so lucky and grateful to be working with such a brilliant and outstanding doctor.

    Diane, Scott, Gracie and Hobie
  6. It is with gratitude that I share my experience working with Dr. Steele at our non-profit cat rescue/sanctuary and spay/neuter clinic. Dr. Steele's unwavering dedication to the well-being of animals and her exceptional veterinary expertise have been a cornerstone of our mission and our clinic’s success. Through her efficiency and tireless efforts, she has played a pivotal role in curbing the overpopulation of cats in our community. Dr. Steele's compassionate approach to animal care goes beyond just the medical realm. She is more than a veterinarian; she is a guardian of animal health and welfare. We are grateful that she is part of our team.